(j3.2006) DC editing and optional zero

Robert Corbett robert.corbett
Mon Jun 6 05:36:02 EDT 2011

On 06/06/11 02:19, Thomas Henlich wrote:
> Hi all,
> according to the Fortran 2008 standard, is the following intended?
> print "(dc,g0.1)", 0.5
> => ,5
Yes, it is intended.  There was an interpretation issued prohibiting
the leading zero.

Your example would be clearer and illustrate the same point
if you used "f0.1" in place of "g0.1".

Before I joined the committee, I argued for allowing a conforming
processor to include a leading zero.  I also argued for providing
control edit descriptors "LN" and "LZ" to suppress or require a
leading zero when printing pure fractions.  Both ideas were rejected
by the committee.  I later learned that at least one member of the
committee had made similar proposals, and his proposals were also

Bob Corbett

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