(j3.2006) DC editing and optional zero

Thomas Henlich thenlich
Mon Jun 6 05:19:32 EDT 2011

Hi all,

according to the Fortran 2008 standard, is the following intended?

print "(dc,g0.1)", 0.5
=> ,5

IMHO, this is an error. AFAIK the way of writing numbers with an
absolute value of less than one without the zero before the decimal
point is only used in countries where actually the decimal point is

People from countries where the decimal comma is in common use will
have a hard time recognizing the string ",5" as the number "one half"
(although we might recognize ".5" due to long usage in computing).

A solution would be to change the standard to require the zero to be
non-optional with DC editing, and additionally to define a new control
edit descriptor which also changes that for DP editing.


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