(j3.2006) polymorphic arguments of intrinsic operators and procedures

Robert Corbett robert.corbett
Fri Jan 28 22:57:54 EST 2011

Jim Xia wrote:
>  > > On the
>  > > other hand, I can imagine that the dynamic type is in a descriptor, not
>  > > in the object itself, so not returning polymorphic results might be 
> easy
>  > > as well.  Will Rogers said he never met a two handed economist, so I'll
>  > > continue... On yet another hand, maybe if you just fiddle the type in
>  > > the descriptor, you have to take extra care to fake the element 
> sizes in
>  > > the descriptor.
>  >
>  > None of the implementations I tried treats the results of these
>  > intrinsic functions as polymorphic.  Some implementations gave no
>  > diagnostic message for passing polymorphic acutal arguments to the
>  > intrinsic functions, but none allowed the results to be used in
>  > contexts that required polymorphism.  I admit I find that strange.
>  >
> Obviously, you haven't tried XLF.  Implementing them indeed takes time.

I have not tried XLF.  Which intrinsic functions does XLF allow to take
polymorphic arguments?  Do the result types of functions such as CSHIFT
depend on the declared types or the dynamic types of the arguments?

Robert Corbett

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