(j3.2006) References in papers

John Reid John.Reid
Wed Jan 26 09:56:33 EST 2011

Bill Long wrote:
> Just a friendly suggestion...
> In looking at some of the papers on the server for meeting 194, I 
> noticed a list of edits in 10-107, but no indication of which document 
> the edits should be applied to.  From the page numbers, I assume they 
> are against 10-007r1.  However, since (I expect) most of 194 will focus 
> on the Interop TR, it would be helpful if papers are clear as to which 
> base document is being referenced. Actually, that's a good practice for 
> papers at any meeting.

There is another a problem: there is no document N1838-2. This was an early 
unofficial draft of N1838 and has no status. And 10-251 is also an early draft 
of N1838. Please can we all use N1838 so that the page and line numbers are correct?



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