(j3.2006) (SC22WG5.4396) WG5 website

John Reid John.Reid
Wed Jan 19 04:32:45 EST 2011

> Malcolm has produced 10-007r1, which he says is the one we should be
> using for interps.
> Does this have a WG5 N number?  Should it be listed on the links.html
> page as the definitive reference for F08?

I don't think so. It's OK for J3 to use the line numbers for their working but 
they have no place in the official document and must not be used in the corrigenda.

My message was about the WG5 website, but your comment went only to the J3 list 
and was interpreted by others as a comment on the J3 list. I was prompted to 
work on the WG5 site by a (very tactful) comment on it from Micki Dee St. James 
who said "I've volunteered to tidy up a few small things for the J3 website". 
Sounds to me like a good offer that J3 should accept.


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