(j3.2006) F2008, NOTE 11.13: "ancestor" should be "descendant"

Tobias Burnus burnus
Wed Jan 19 04:26:30 EST 2011

On 01/19/2011 10:03 AM, Tobias Burnus wrote:
> As pointed out by James Van Buskirk at
> http://groups.google.com/group/comp.lang.fortran/browse_thread/thread/8d1faabe3064757c# 

In the same posting: In Fortran 2008 (N1830), page 275 ("11.2.3 

The nonnormative NOTE 11.13 states:

"... a submodule has exactly one ancestor module and may optionally have 
one or more ancestor

The second "ancestor" should be "descendant" or something like that.


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