(j3.2006) illusive exaflops

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One of the persons who I most admired during my 23 years at Lawrence
Berkeley Lab was David L Judd (1923-1998).


I mostly knew him as head of Physics Division at the Lab; he was also on the
UC Berkeley faculty and several times I found myself riding the Lab to
Campus shuttle bus with him.

One thing I remember him saying was, "Nothing can exponentiate forever."

Loren P Meissner

"Truth depends on a quest to discover what's really out there, what really
happened. It isn't given over to you by simply following a set of rules." -
Errol Morris
"Math education is not something you can dictate. The way to make a tree
grow is not to yank it upward by the branches. " - Professor Hung-Hsi Wu, UC


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At JPL last year, there was a talk by an IBM fellow from the University of
Kansas (whose name I have forgotten).  He had a contract from DARPA to
address the question of power consumption.  He looked at computing from the
gate level, asking how many joules are required per operation.

DARPA wants their exaflop computer to use less than 38 MW.  The result of
the study is that with current technology or that foreseen for the
reasonably near future, it can't be done for less than 60 MW.


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