(j3.2006) input for emeritus status

Dan Nagle danlnagle
Tue Feb 22 15:39:13 EST 2011


Last time, here's what I sent to the list regarding emeritus status:

Checking the reply from INCITS, it appears we need

- duration of service
- affiliation at last meeting attended
- "a more substantive description of their extensive contribution"
- date of retirement

If the candidates can provide that, I'll correlate it
and forward it to INCITS.  (I don't know how much puffery is needed
for the third, but please take a swing at it.)


For my convenience, INCITS has decided not to provide
detailed instructions.

We need a meeting vote or a 30 day ballot to forward the names
to INCITS EB for consideration.

I'll collate responses and prepare a 30 day ballot, if that suits.



Dan Nagle

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