(j3.2006) Standard question regarding passing a scalar string to an array

Aleksandar Donev donev
Sun Feb 13 15:16:35 EST 2011

I think Bill's interpretation is correct, though it makes no sense to 
allow that kind of thing for characters. The reason we have the 
exclusion is for sequence association for interop with C strings, where 
the dummy may be a character array but the actual could be a substring 
or a scalar. Here there is no sequence association, and so it seems to 
me like we ought to fix those words...

But anyway, this I do know:

On 02/13/11 11:51, Bill Long wrote:
> Now that we have the concept of "contiguous" in the standard, the 
> current "is not an assumed-shape, pointer, or polymorphic array" seems 
> equivalent to "is simply contiguous and not polymorphic". Probably "is 
> simply contiguous" would be sufficient, since that's the operational 
> requirement. 
We had an explicit discussion and decided we did not want to extend 
sequence association to all simply contiguous arrays, that is, we 
decided it was for legacy purposes only and we were not going to add to it.


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