(j3.2006) CONTAINS statements

Malcolm Cohen malcolm
Wed Feb 9 18:59:34 EST 2011

Hi Bill,

>I noticed that the figure and text in 2.3.2 Statement Order seems at odds with 
>the new allowance of a CONTAINS statement in a type definition - R445 in 4.5.5 
>Type bound procedures.

Seems totally correct to me.

>  Was this just overlooked?


>  Or just too hard to incorporate into the figure?

What figure?  There are two tables, and no figures.

If you mean table 2.2, the text correctly says "some kinds of scoping units" 
[32:8].  This table has never covered all scoping units (even though in previous 
standards it claimed it did, it just didn't!).

The derived type definition scoping unit is uninteresting as far as this table 

Maybe I've missed some obvious goof in some wording somewhere, but I don't see 
it.  Perhaps you misread?  If you still think there is a problem, please 

................................Malcolm Cohen, Nihon NAG, Tokyo. 

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