(j3.2006) DIS 23271 = mischief ?

David Muxworthy d.muxworthy
Wed Feb 9 06:37:51 EST 2011

> I suspect that objecting on procedural grounds wouldn't go anywhere

Indeed.  Only yesterday I was talking about ECMA's buccaneering  
attitude with the UK HoD at the last SC22 meeting who raised the  
point there.  The other countries were not remotely interested in  
pursuing it.  It's a bit frustrating when the JTC1 procedures have  
only recently been reissued.  It's a bit like the EU where the UK  
will argue about rules during development but then abide by them once  
adopted, while most other countries will follow them only if not too  
inconvenient.  Of course while Jaeschke is chair of both ECMA and  
SC22 nothing will change.

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