(j3.2006) (SC22WG5.4436) [ukfortran] Processing the TR ballot

John Reid John.Reid
Mon Apr 4 07:46:13 EDT 2011

David Muxworthy wrote:
> On 1 Apr 2011, at 01:33, malcolm at nag-j.co.jp wrote:
>> We should not forward any draft as a PDTR without a positive WG5 vote.
>> That has not yet been achieved.
> I agree.  From the political point of view it is unfortunate that WG5 
> cannot reach consensus but a PDTR ballot now is not going to solve the 
> problem unless a group from a country which is already participating 
> comes up with a creative solution.  That could be done within WG5.

Well, to avoid eventual cancellation, we must move faster. Here is an 
alternative plan and I think it is better.

1. Bill creates a new draft by the end of this week that includes all the items 
that do not need discussion.

2. The interop. email group takes ownership for 3 weeks to hash out the other 
issues and create a new pdf by 1 May.

3. We have a 3-week informal WG5 ballot on whether this new version is ready for 
PDTR ballot.

4. Bill creates a further new draft based on comments and the interop. email 
group checks it.

5a. If we have reached consensus, the PDTR ballot starts in late May or very 
early in June. The goal would be to get enough PDTR feedback before the meeting 
to create a tentative DTR for issue after the PDTR ballot finishes.

5b. Otherwise, we work hard before and at the meeting to reach consensus and 
start the PDTR ballot soon afterwards. The "base document" at this point will be 
the version created in step 4.

I hope this is acceptable to everyone. Anyone not in interop. email group who 
would like to participate is very welcome.

Best wishes,


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