(j3.2006) article in _Nature_

Bill Long longb
Fri Oct 22 15:26:18 EDT 2010

Tobias Burnus wrote:

> I also do not like the: "code in a newer, more transparent programming 
> language - Python".

One could argue that Fortran 2008 is "newer" than Python.

> The "newer" is a fact - though it conveys the message "better". And I 
> doubt that Python is really more transparent; a newly (re)written 
> program usually looks better than one which has been developed for years.

Indeed. Rewriting the code in 'modern' Fortran would have also resulted 
in code that looked different.

> Tobias,
> who started using Fortran, when Python was 12 and  Fortran 46 years old.

who started using Fortran in 1968 when Fortran was 12 years old. :)

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