(j3.2006) Fwd: PLEASE PROOF: My proposed response to ISO/CS w.r.t its recent "requirement" about document submission format. FEEDBACK DUE by 2010-11-01

Bill Long longb
Tue Oct 19 16:26:00 EDT 2010

Seems OK to me.  I would go one step farther and urge ISO to fire Trevor 
Vyze.  How could we continue to have confidence in ISO if they fail to 
remove someone so entirely clueless?  (Unless the hidden agenda here is 
to terminate all of ISO's standardization activities.)

If there is a clear reason to require a Word version of the documents 
(which would certainly have involved bribes/extortion) then we need to 
insist on some basic requirements:

1) ISO has to pay the full cost of converting the PDF file into Word. 
The conversion must be done by ISO or an outside vendor, not anyone 
involved with the Project.

2) ISO shall pay at least 5 proof readers from the committee that 
created the document a fee of $100/page to each reader to verify the 
accuracy of the translation.

3) ISO is prohibited from publishing, or in any other way making 
publicly available (for example, by posting on a web site),  the WORD 
document.  The published version has to be the PDF file prepared by the 
Project Editor.

Rex is free to use any of these ideas if he feels so inclined.


Dan Nagle wrote:
> Hi,
> The last paragraph of the PDF is the punch line.
> Without objection, I (as PL22 liaison) will endorse this document to Rex,
> or Van can if it's an IR matter.
> Begin forwarded message:
>> From: Rex Jaeschke <rex at REXJAESCHKE.COM>
>> Date: October 19, 2010 1:24:16 PM EDT
>> Subject: PLEASE PROOF: My proposed response to ISO/CS w.r.t its recent "requirement" about document submission format. FEEDBACK DUE by 2010-11-01
>> Reply-To: Rex Jaeschke <rex at REXJAESCHKE.COM>
>> Conveners, please circulate this to your project editors.
>> Several weeks ago, I circulated a "directive" from ISO/CS that seemed to
>> suggest that project editors use MS Word with an ISO template for future DIS
>> submissions. As I expected, that resulted in angry responses, and my paper
>> is intended to reflect that displeasure.
>> As SC 22 Chair, I have written a response, and I circulated it to a small
>> review group to shake out any obvious problems. Here then is Draft 2 for
>> your comment.
>> I will integrate the feedback as the Secretariat and I see fit, we'll give
>> it an SC 22 number, and I'll send it back to ISO/CS, so they get formal
>> notification.
>> Please send me your feedback by November 1.
>> Regards,
>> Rex

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