(j3.2006) web site

Dan Nagle danlnagle
Tue Oct 19 13:00:02 EDT 2010


I think the files are right on the web site.
I haven't yet closed the meeting because I haven't done
a treasurer's report and I don't have 193 minutes.
But all other files ought to be right.

I put the new 008 in the right place.

Please verify that the papers are right.

As soon as I see the treasurer's report and the minutes,
I'll close 193 and point the site to 194.

Van:  There's a notice194.txt in the 194 folder.
Can you please check it for compliance with our contracts?
I'll put a dummy treasurer's report in the 193 folder
to get the number.  You can update it with the report
when you get the package.



Dan Nagle

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