(j3.2006) info for J3 m193

Whitlock, Stan stan.whitlock
Thu Oct 7 14:48:04 EDT 2010

Here's some opening business for J3 meeting m193 next week.  Please note the interp numbers assigned to papers in the pre-meeting.

 *   Membership

   Total Membership at end of Meeting 192 : 8
   Majority                                               : 5
   Quorum                                               : 4

     Members              Alternates

     R. Corbett
     B. Long                 J. Brixius
     J. Martin               M. Cohen
     D. Nagle                J. Reid & J. Wallin
     C. Rasmussen       A. Donev & T. Moene
     V. Snyder
     S. Whitlock            L. Menard & S. Lionel
     J. Xia                     K. Li

   * No one is in jeopardy of losing membership because of poor
     meeting attendance.

   * No one is in jeopardy of losing membership because of letter
     ballot non-participation.

 *   /INTERP papers
    *   10-199 J3 Fortran interp letter ballot #21 - due 30-Jul-2010
    *   10-202 LB#21 results - 38 passed, 1 failed
    *   10-200 F08-0040 MOVE_ALLOC
    *   10-201 F08-0041 segment ordering rules
    *   10-211 F08-0042 SOURCE= questions
    *   10-208 F08-0043 Executing a TPB on a coindexed object
    *   10-209 F08-0044 SELECT TYPE on a coarray or coindexed object
    *   10-210 F08-0045 constraints on entities of type LOCK_TYPE
    *   10-212 F08-0046 VALUE attribute restrictions
    *   10-213 F08-0047 public generic with same name as private type
    *   10-226 F08-0048 sequence association for coarrays

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