(j3.2006) is sequence association allowed for coarray dummy

Bill Long longb
Fri Oct 1 11:07:40 EDT 2010

Hi John,

Somewhere you need a line

"References:  10-007"

so that the cited subclause and page numbers have a context for a future 

Also, I would enhance the answer with more explanation:

"No. This restriction contradicts para 13 [294:28-31] which 
does allow the example program. Edits are supplied to remove the 


John Reid wrote:
> Jim Xia wrote:
>> The standard says this
>> So does it mean sequence association is not allowed for coarray case. 
>>  Consider the following case
>> interface
>>     subroutine sub (x)
>>         real x(10)[*]
>>     end subroutine
>> end interface
>> ...
>> real, save :: x(100)[*]
>> ...
>> call sub (x(10)) !<--x(10) is not simply contiguous
>> Is this intended to be disallowed, or is this an oversight?
> Here is a draft interp.
> John.

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