(j3.2006) Abstract types and type-bound procedures

Tobias Burnus burnus
Thu Nov 25 13:08:12 EST 2010

Hi all,

Assume one does

    CALL polymorphic%abstract%tbp()

where "polymorphic" is some polymorphic type, which extends "abstract" 
and "tbp" is a non-deferred type-bound procedure of "abstract".

Is this valid or not? It seems to be valid if I read the following 
correctly. (Quotes from F2008, N1830.)

R1220 call-stmt is CALL procedure-designator [ ( [ actual-arg-spec-list ] ) ]
R1221 procedure-designator is procedure-name
                            or proc-component-ref
                            or data-ref % binding-name

R611 data-ref is part-ref [ % part-ref ] ...
R612 part-ref is part-name [ ( section-subscript-list ) ] [ image-selector ]

C611 (R611) If the rightmost part-name is of abstract type, data-ref shall be

  * * *

And, assuming it is valid, I then fail to find anything which prohibits 
the use of a deferred type-bound procedure.


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