(j3.2006) Fw: a question on MERGE and expression evaluation

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On 11/19/10 11:11, Bill Long wrote:
> Requiring lazy evaluation would make MERGE essentially useless in that 
Agreed that lazy evaluation is not necessarily the right thing, and any such 
thing should go into a new intrinsic. Not that we will *ever* agree on one.

A few years before F2008 was finalized, I spent some time proposing an  ANDTHEN 
and  ORLSE set of intrinsics that would do argument evaluation guaranteed 
left-to-right and stop evaluating when they hit a FALSE or TRUE respectively.  I 
don't remember all of the reasons they were dropped, but at least part of it was 
"this is a whole new set of restrictions on function argument evaluation."

Dick Hendrickson

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