(j3.2006) Interop TR: Assumed-size actuals

Reinhold Bader Reinhold.Bader
Wed Nov 17 11:46:35 EST 2010


the shape is of size RANK, and the last entry is -1.


Am 17.11.2010 00:18, schrieb Aleksandar Donev:
> On 11/16/10 18:02, Bill Long wrote:
>>> For the shape, it is said
>>> it is [(size(array,i),i=1,rank(array))]. Should this not be rank-1? What
>>> is the size along the last dimension?
>> The MPI people asked for this.  If you write the interface routine for an MPI routine 
>> and make the buffer argument assumed-rank, the previous spec had problems if the 
>> corresponding actual argument was assumed-shape. 
> But what about my question above: Is the shape of size rank or rank-1?
> Aleks

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