(j3.2006) a question on interp F08/0049

Jim Xia jimxia
Mon Nov 15 11:00:23 EST 2010

> > Don't confuse this with the COELEMENTAL attribute!  Of course 
> > coelemental functions cannot have variable type parameters at this 
> If Malcolm meant this as a joke he got me...I instantly went to search 
> the pdf to see if you guys added this while I was sleeping. Was there a 
> proposal for it or some such?
> Aleks

All the proposed collectives are transformational subroutines, and 
COELEMENTAL attribute has never been proposed.  What he meant was 
elemental routines should not be considered as if there were a requirement 
that all images should be evaluated identically in terms of routine 
characteristics.  Although I can't think of a case where this can be a 
problem for now, the original wording in F08 seems to prevent this on 
purpose.  I'd not be surprised to see a further interp trying to reverse 
this interp answer again.


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