(j3.2006) specific names for ASINH,ACOSNH and ATANH

Malcolm Cohen malcolm
Mon Nov 15 00:12:17 EST 2010

Jim Xia wrote:

> Subject: (j3.2006) specific names for ASINH,ACOSNH and ATANH

> In table 13.6

There is no ?table 13.6?.  The ?table? in 13.6 is not a table.  This should probably be fixed in the next revision (along with improving the wording here).

>the specific names for these three intrinsic functions are missing.

No they?re not, any more than ADJUSTL or BESSEL_JN is missing.  They aren?t listed in the table, because they are not specific intrinsics.

>  Is this something we missed?


>  What would be the specific names for double precision version of them? 

They don?t have specific names for any precision.

Specific names for intrinsic functions have not been added to the language for over 30 years!  F90, F95, F2003 and now F2008 have all added new generic intrinsic functions without adding any more specific intrinsic functions.

................................Malcolm Cohen, Nihon NAG, Tokyo.
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