(j3.2006) Is this or is this not F95-standard conformant?

Malcolm Cohen malcolm
Sun Nov 14 21:10:16 EST 2010

Robert Corbett asks:
>I have a question regarding section subscripts.  If a section
>subscript is a subscript, it is an expression.  If a section
>subscript is a vector subscript, it is an expression.  If a
>section subscript is a subscript triplet, it is not an expression.

That would seem to be careless wording.

>Because a subscript triplet is not an expression, it cannot be a
>constant expression.  Is it the intent of the standard to allow
>section subscripts that are subscript triplets in constant

Since a subscript triplet can be emulated by a vector subscript, I think it is 
obvious that this is intended and that we were just trying to capture "stride" 
and "vector-subscript" without listing them.  We should have an interp.

................................Malcolm Cohen, Nihon NAG, Tokyo. 

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