(j3.2006) Is this or is this not F95-standard conformant?

Malcolm Cohen malcolm
Wed Nov 10 21:25:41 EST 2010

Van Snyder wrote:
> Can I replace "i" with "1" in the case that h%x is associated, even if
> "1" is out of bounds, since there is no reference involved?

Technically no.  In practice it will probably work (diagnosis is not required by 
any constraint).

> An alternative is to declare a parameter to use to specify the kind of V
> components of objects of type T, in the module where T is defined, and
> access that parameter by use association where I need the kind of h%
> x(something)%v.
> I was hoping for something simpler.

That seems to me to be the epitome of simple!

> I don't see why SIZE or LEN (or LBOUND or UBOUND or a length parameter
> inquiry) makes this necessary.

LEN(s(10:i)).  SIZE(a(10:i)).

The properties being inquired about here are not defined by any expression at 
all, let alone an expression that is not a constant expression.  (They are 
properties *of* an expression, but they are not *defined* by one.)

................................Malcolm Cohen, Nihon NAG, Tokyo. 

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