(j3.2006) Is this or is this not F95-standard conformant?

Bill Long longb
Wed Nov 10 17:14:43 EST 2010

Van Snyder wrote:
> Is line 19 of the little attached program F95-standard conformant?
> ifort, gfortran, g95, Sun f90, and Sun f95 are happy.

PGI, Cray, and Pathscale are also happy.


> NAG f95 and Lahey/Fujitsu lf95 are not.
> It looks like items (7)(d) and (7)(second b) at [97-007r2:94:17,21]
> allow it, since the property inquired about is the kind type parameter
> value.  In 10-007 the equivalent is 7.1.12p1(4)(b) at [151:29].

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