(j3.2006) [ukfortran] (SC22WG5.4347) Good news for the Fortran 2003 standard

Ian D Chivers ian.chivers
Sat Nov 6 17:20:45 EDT 2010

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> N.M. Maclaren wrote:
> > I rather wonder what they want that isn't there, and suspect that
> they
> > may be using several extremely tricky and non-portable C++ features
> > without realising just how problematic they are.  As usual, the
> gotcha
> > is that the problems don't show up in toy programs :-(
> That was my first thought, too - when a researcher at my institute
> described that it was only "straightforward" in C++.

It is not clear to me what this means. Fortran 2003 has similar
Capabilities to c++ in terms of oo programming.

C++ and Fortran 2003 support inheritance and dynamic binding.
These features would enable you to solve quite a wide range
Of problems.

> However, I then attended a talk by one of the people who actually
> worked
> on it  - and from that talk it seemed they only used run-of-the-mill
> object oriented programming features of C++.

What do they classify as run of the mill?

> Unfortunately, the only way forward would be to study the code - and I
> do not have time to do that ...

Is the code available? 

Ian Chivers

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