(j3.2006) ALLOCATE with MOLD: Default initializer and dynamic type

Tobias Burnus burnus
Sun Jun 13 16:16:18 EDT 2010


I have a question regarding ALLOCATE with MOLD where both the
source-expr is polymorphic - and, thus, the allocate-object is as well.
Executing the allocate statement, the allocate-object gets the same
dynamic type as the source-expr:

"if source-expr is specied, each allocate-object is allocated with the
dynamic type and type parameter
values of source-expr"

For SOURCE, it gets the value of the source-expr - but for MOLD it does
not. My interpretation is now that then the default-initialization of
components kicks in - namely the one of the dynamic type. Is my
interpretation correct?

The program below prints with one compiler:
 a= 0  b= 0
though I had expected the answer to be
 a= 1  b= 3

If the latter is correct: How do other vendors plan to handle this?
Adding another entry to the vtable? (Assuming that you also use a
vtable.) Or can something smarter be done?


implicit none
type t
  integer :: a = 1
end type t

type, extends(t) :: t2
  integer :: b = 3
end type t2

class(t), allocatable :: x, y

allocate (t2 :: y)
select type (y)
  type is (t2)
    y%a = 44
    y%b = 55
end select

allocate ( x, mold=y)
select type (x)
  type is (t2)
   print *, 'a=', x%a, ' b=', x%b
end select

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