(j3.2006) (SC22WG5.4138) Result of the FCD ballot on Fortran2008

Van Snyder Van.Snyder
Wed Jan 20 14:04:11 EST 2010

The file SC22-N-4487_CSK.doc that is mentioned in N1801 as a "Comment
File" from North Korea is just a ballot that says "Yes without comment,"
so we don't need it either on the server on its own, or as part of
another file.

It was un-handy that the document that became N1801 had links to local
files, probably on the computer of whomever prepared the file.  It would
have been more helpful if SC22 had prepared it with links that landed
somewhere useful, so we could have determined immediately that the
"comment" from North Korea was vacuous.

Portugal and Kazakhstan are listed in N1801 as having provided comments,
but there is no comment file listed for either of them, and no comment
from either of them in N1802.  Should we assume there actually are no
comments from them to which we need to reply?

On Wed, 2010-01-20 at 01:39 -0800, John Reid wrote:
> Van Snyder wrote:
>  > John:
>  >
>  > Do we care about the comments received from North Korea, which is
>  > apparently not eligible to cast a ballot?  N1801 refers to a file
>  > SC22-N-4487_CSK.doc, but the hyperlink in the pdf is to a local file --
>  > which I don't have.  Indeed, all of the hyperlinks are to local files.
>  > Can SC22 be persuaded to provide a new document that has useful
>  > hyperlinks?
>  >
>  > I assume the comments from Japan and Canada, which were submitted as
>  > spreadsheets, are incorporated into N1802.  Was N1803.pdf the only file
>  > in SC22-N-4487_BSI.zip?  Should we assume that Kazakhstan didn't
>  > actually submit a comment?  Or are their comments incorrectly identified
>  > as coming from North Korea?
> Here is the original, as sent out by the SC22 secretary. I don't think there is 
> anything there that is not in N1801/2/3, but please tell me you find anything. I 
> have asked the secretary to check for comments from Korea and Portugal, 
> mentioned in the summary, but she is out of the office until Friday. I will ask 
> her about Kazakhstan, too.
> We have never put zipped directories up as WG5 documents and I did not want to 
> start that now. However, I am willing to do this if it is the wish of WG5.
> Cheers,
> John.

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