(j3.2006) (SC22WG5.4138) Result of the FCD ballot on Fortran2008

John Reid John.Reid
Wed Jan 20 04:39:41 EST 2010

Van Snyder wrote:
 > John:
 > Do we care about the comments received from North Korea, which is
 > apparently not eligible to cast a ballot?  N1801 refers to a file
 > SC22-N-4487_CSK.doc, but the hyperlink in the pdf is to a local file --
 > which I don't have.  Indeed, all of the hyperlinks are to local files.
 > Can SC22 be persuaded to provide a new document that has useful
 > hyperlinks?
 > I assume the comments from Japan and Canada, which were submitted as
 > spreadsheets, are incorporated into N1802.  Was N1803.pdf the only file
 > in SC22-N-4487_BSI.zip?  Should we assume that Kazakhstan didn't
 > actually submit a comment?  Or are their comments incorrectly identified
 > as coming from North Korea?

Here is the original, as sent out by the SC22 secretary. I don't think there is 
anything there that is not in N1801/2/3, but please tell me you find anything. I 
have asked the secretary to check for comments from Korea and Portugal, 
mentioned in the summary, but she is out of the office until Friday. I will ask 
her about Kazakhstan, too.

We have never put zipped directories up as WG5 documents and I did not want to 
start that now. However, I am willing to do this if it is the wish of WG5.


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