(j3.2006) Alleged contradiction, was Re: Still illegal in F08?

Malcolm Cohen malcolm
Thu Jan 14 22:39:54 EST 2010

Robert Corbett wrote:
> Section 5.3.10, paragraph 2, page 97, states
>      The INTENT(IN) attribute for a pointer dummy argument
>      specifies that during the invocation and execution of
>      the procedure its association shall not be changed
>      except that it may become undefined if the target is
>      deallocated other than through the pointer (
> The "except" portion of the quoted text makes it seem as if
> the target of a pointer dummy argument is permitted to be
> "deallocated other than through the pointer."


> Section, paragraph 1, page 300 states
>      While an entity is associated with a dummy argument,
>      the following restrictions hold.
>      (1)  Action that affects the allocation status of
>           the entity or a subobject thereof shall be
>           taken through the dummy argument.
> That text seems to say that a target associated with a
> pointer dummy argument can only be deallocated through the
> pointer.

No, on a sufficiently careful reading it does not seem to say that.

Allocation status is for allocatable variables.
*Association* status is for pointers.

Therefore there is no contradiction.

> Therefore, the "except" clause quoted above
> cannot apply to a standard-conforming program.


................................Malcolm Cohen, Nihon NAG, Tokyo.

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