(j3.2006) (SC22WG5.4195) Japan's National Activity Report

TAKATA Masayuki takata
Fri Feb 26 02:36:21 EST 2010


At the recent WG5 meeting, I posted the following message.

On 2010/02/15 8:38 PST, TAKATA Masayuki wrote in (SC22WG5.4191):
>> [1809 Japan's National Activity Report (Takata)]
> Here it is attached. Sorry for the late delivery.

But the file attached was wrong.  Because it was after the meeting started, it
was treated as one of the local documents at the meeting, and hence was assigned
a local version number.

Taking that opportunity, I corrected my mistake.  The correct version, which was
locally called N1809-2, will be on the WG5 server, with the other documents.
Please accept my apologies, and discard the N1809 file you received.  Thank you.


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