(j3.2006) [Fwd: RE: What would be the room rate at Springhill?]

Toon Moene toon
Wed Feb 24 14:33:24 EST 2010

Bill Long wrote:

> I had issues with vpn as well last week.  For me, I was able to connect 
> to our vpn server EITHER from the meeting room (wireless) OR from my 
> room (wired), but never from both places on the same day.

Oh, that.  Yeah, sure. I had the same problem.  I just decided to shut 
down (and restart from scratch) my notebook between leaving the meeting 
room and entering my room (and vice versa).  Takes only ~ 15 seconds, so 
it's no big deal.

My (granted, 20 year old) intuition about TCP/IP protocols is that 
otherwise, somehow something cached in your network protocol stack in 
the OS kernel gets "reused" when you really don't want it to.


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