(j3.2006) [Fwd: RE: What would be the room rate at Springhill?]

Bill Long longb
Wed Feb 24 13:56:52 EST 2010

I had issues with vpn as well last week.  For me, I was able to connect 
to our vpn server EITHER from the meeting room (wireless) OR from my 
room (wired), but never from both places on the same day.  If wired 
worked, wireless was blocked. Or the reverse.  It was annoying. 
However, I would prefer to try getting those issues fixed rather than 
moving to  a more expensive place.  There is no assurance that Spring 
Hill would be better - I assume both places use the same back room provider.


Jim Xia wrote:
>  > As someone who has to pay much more than just the room rate for these
>  > trips (and who wouldn't therefore bother to pay $ 120 per night either),
>  > I have to (again - I did this at the meeting already) stress that I like
>  > Fairfield Inn in no small measure because things *Just Work* over there.
>  >
>  > Good service, working Internet (both in the meeting room and in the
>  > guest rooms), good shuttle service.
> Sorry to jump in  for something un-related to room rate.  I found the 
> internet connection is unsatisfactory compared to August last year.  For 
> the whole week in the meeting room, I couldn't log onto my vpn.  I had 
> no trouble with vpn once I returned to my hotel.  Maybe that was because 
> I used a wired connection in the hotel room, and the speed did make a 
> difference.  Or maybe it was due to the security reasons.  But either 
> way I wasn't happy about the internet connection we had in the meeting 
> room last week.
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