(j3.2006) (SC22WG5.4192) WG5 Las Vegas Feb-2010/J3 m191 minutes 10-144

Toon Moene toon
Tue Feb 23 15:34:23 EST 2010

Van Snyder wrote:

> My colleagues view the failure to undertake any substantive development
> of Fortran until 1990 as the major reason for the bad odor Fortran has
> in computer science departments.  Now that Fortran is starting to be
> taught in engineering departments again, it is exactly the wrong time to
> take another 40-year development hiatus.

Fascinating - I just today realized how I keep explaining to colleagues 
that Fortran is in no way going to die, and how we (i.e. WG5 and J3) are 
on a straight path to keep the language relevant, and regularly updated, 
especially when compared to C (last Standard: 1999, next Standard: 2014 
?) and C++ (last Standard 1998, next Standard: 201x).

So who's complaining ?

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