(j3.2006) (SC22WG5.4173) Responding to the FCD ballot

John Reid John.Reid
Wed Feb 10 07:46:18 EST 2010


In collaboration with Bill Long, who will be chairing J3 in the absence of Dan 
Nagle, I have been considered how to structure the discussion of the ballot 
comments (N1798 and N1802). We don't need to decide finally until we get to this 
topic on Monday, but my thoughts are that in the first instance only these need 
discussion in plenary:
     GB-1, GB-2, GB-3, GB-4, US-6, GB-6, CA-01, GB-14, CA-04, CA-03, CA-02.
The last four are closely related, see 10-113, so I hope we can discuss these 

Each of the other comments seems to be sufficiently minor and non-controversial 
that it can be sent straight to the relevant subgroup for detailed review.

The proposed edits are also in J3 papers 101-104 and 107-120. The intention is 
that these papers or their revisions will be approved by WG5 and provide the 
Editor with definite authority for making the changes when preparing the FDIS.



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