(j3.2006) (SC22WG5.4182) F03 interps letter ballot

Van Snyder Van.Snyder
Fri Feb 12 15:37:44 EST 2010

I don't have any comments to add to the ones already remarked.


The following Fortran 2003 interpretations are being balloted:

Yes  No Number     Title
-Y- --- F95/0098 Are dummy functions returning assumed-length character legal?
-Y- --- F03/0022 Coexistence of IEEE and non-IEEE kinds
-Y- --- F03/0024 DEALLOCATE and array pointers
-Y- --- F03/0034 IEEE_LOGB()
-Y- --- F03/0039 HYPOT()
-Y- --- F03/0063 Procedure pointers in BLOCK DATA program units
-Y- --- F03/0071 Subroutine/function ambiguity in generics
-Y- --- F03/0078 IEEE_SUPPORT_DATATYPE vs. mathematical equivalence
-Y- --- F03/0090 Polymorphic array constructors
-Y- --- F03/0112 Attributes allowed for dummy arguments in defined assignments
-Y- --- F03/0119 Elemental procedures and deferred length character components
-Y- --- F03/0122 When do objects of sequence derived type have the same type?
-Y- --- F03/0125 Definitions of EXTENDS_TYPE_OF and SAME_TYPE_AS
-Y- --- F03/0126 References to VOLATILE variables in pure procedures
-Y- --- F03/0127 Duration of procedure execution
-Y- --- F03/0129 C_LOC of character substrings
-Y- --- F03/0130 Elemental specific intrinsic procedure characteristics
-Y- --- F03/0131 SAVE attribute and EQUIVALENCE
-Y- --- F03/0132 Unformatted i/o and private components
-Y- --- F03/0133 Is unlimited polymorphic allowed in COMMON?
-Y- --- F03/0134 Implicit typing of procedure pointers
-Y- --- F03/0135 Interaction between RESULT, recursion, and host generic
-Y- --- F03/0136 Are subroutines distinguishable from arrays?
-Y- --- F03/0137 Dummy procedure type compatibility
-Y- --- F03/0138 External <procedure-name> as <proc-target>
-Y- --- F03/0139 Functions returning procedure pointers
-Y- --- F03/0140 Type of nested construct entities
-Y- --- F03/0141 More than one specific interface for a procedure

The text of these interpretations is in N1805 (or 10-106).  Each 
interpretation starts with a row of "-"s.

Please mark the above -Y- in the Yes column for "yes", -C- in the Yes
column for "yes with comment", or -N- in the No column for a "no"
answer {be sure to include your reasons with "no"} and send to

        sc22wg5 at open-std.org

by 0001 Las Vegas time on Monday, 15 February 2010, in order to be

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