(j3.2006) (SC22WG5.4157) Urgent: letter ballot on interps - comment on a comment

Bill Long longb
Tue Feb 9 19:43:36 EST 2010

In preparing my Ballot, I was tempted to add a Comment stating the 
observations below, but I would end up Commenting that there should be 
no change in the interp, which seemed odd.  So, I'm replying to David's 
ballot instead.  (I did agree with all of David's other comments.)

David Muxworthy wrote:

> F03/0138 External <procedure-name> as <proc-target>
> The proposed edit results in rather opaque English.  

Arguably true.

> "association, referenced" to "association and is referenced" gives a
> slight improvement.  

Perhaps in the flow of speech, but I think it changes the meaning.

The constraint would then be:
>    A <procedure-name> shall be the name of a module or dummy procedure,
>    a specific intrinsic function listed in 13.6 and not marked with a
>    bullet (?), a procedure pointer, or an external procedure that is
>    accessed by USE or host association and is referenced in the scoping
>    unit as a procedure, or that has the EXTERNAL attribute.

I believe that the focus of the interp is that "is referenced in the 
scoping unit as a procedure" should be a standalone qualification in the 
list, and not depend on being accessed by USE or host association.  To 
me, the change suggests that dependence exists.


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