(j3.2006) (SC22WG5.4163) Spare computer I'll bring to the meeting

Van Snyder Van.Snyder
Fri Feb 5 19:03:19 EST 2010

I'll be bringing a spare computer to the meeting.

I intend to leave it on the table in the meeting room.

We have a router with wireless and dhcp in our box o' stuff.  If
Fairfield Inn has gotten around to providing wired access in the meeting
room, I'll set up that router.  It uses WEP encryption.  Its SSID is J3.
The WEP key is thirteen instances of 03 in hex.

I'll also be bringing a four-port switch (not a router) in addition to
the monster 24-port switch in our box o' stuff.  My computer provides
dhcp service through the switch(es).  If the computer can talk to
Fairfield Inn's wireless (some meetings it can, some it can't), or if
Fairfield has gotten around to providing wired network access in the
meeting room, you should be able to get through the switch and my
computer to the outside world.

I'll try to keep the filing system on my computer up-to-date with the J3
server.  If the J3 server or its network connection stop working during
the meeting, we can use my computer for file sharing.

A guide to the services I've set up on the computer is attached.

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