(j3.2006) 10-105

Van Snyder Van.Snyder
Mon Feb 1 22:46:34 EST 2010

In my comment on interp F03/0139, I noted that F03 needs, at

  (8) The pointer is a function result and the function is invoked.

It also needs

  (9) The pointer is an ultimate component of an object, default
      initialization is not specified for the component, the object
      is a function result, and the function is invoked.

but probably in the opposite order to correspond to items (6) and (7) in
the existing list.  This would need, however, to be done in a context
different from F03/0139, which wasn't about this topic.

09-007r3 needs these kinds of things too at [450:33+].  Would this be a
taboo technical change?

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