(j3.2006) (SC22WG5.4390) [ukfortran] Result of informal ballot on draft TR

N.M. Maclaren nmm1
Tue Dec 7 15:43:39 EST 2010

On Dec 7 2010, John Reid wrote:
> Here is my draft paper with the results of the ballot on the current 
> draft of TR 29113.
> I have grouped the responses by topic and included some of the email 
> remarks. Please will you check that you are happy with everything 
> associated with your name and that I have not left anything out?

It's fair, but misleading about my position, for no fault of yours.
I apologise for not responding - I was just too tied up with other
work and the real issues I want to raise need some very hard thinking
and I have just not had the time.

The main one is 10-235r1, which I do NOT feel has been properly
considered, and is as problematic as the TYPE(*) issue and even more
pervasive.  Unfortunately, explaining why (beyond what is in 10-235r1,
which clearly wasn't adequate) is non-trivial.

I also have drafted a specific example of why the specification of
CFI_cdesc_to_bounds cannot work.  We discussed that in one meeting, and
the problem is still unresolved.


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