(j3.2006) (SC22WG5.4387) WG5 informal ballot re Interop. TR

Robert Corbett robert.corbett
Mon Dec 6 23:19:54 EST 2010

John Reid wrote:

> I am very concerned that our schedule does not allow for more serious
> work to be done on the draft at the February J3 meeting. Furthermore,
> N1838 is not ready for PDTR ballot - for example, it contains 14 
> Unresolved Technical Issues. I therefore propose that we delay the PDTR
> ballot until after the J3 meeting. I have checked with the SC22 Secretary
> that we are allowed for this to be a 2-month ballot, which would mean that
> the results would still be available for consideration at the June meeting
> of WG5. This is my proposed shedule:
>    N1838 reviewed by WG5            2010-11
>    Third draft                      2011-02
>    WG5 ballot                       2011-02
>    PDTR forwarded to SC22           2011-03
>    PDTR ballot initiated            2011-03   
>    PDTR ballot comments available   2011-05   
>    DTR constructed                  2011-06  
>    DTR ballot initiated             2011-07   
>    DTR ballot results available     2011-10   
>    TR published                     2011-11 
> I am starting a 4-week informal WG5 ballot on this schedule and on N1838. 
> Please answer these questions by 9 a.m. UK time on 7 December. 
> 1. Is the above revised schedule acceptable? 

I do not believe that the revised schedule proposed above is achievable.
I do not think agreement on the technical issues by February 2011 is

Robert Corbett
representing Oracle America

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