(j3.2006) (SC22WG5.4386) WG5 informal ballot re Interop. TR

TAKATA Masayuki takata
Mon Dec 6 23:38:54 EST 2010

> 1. Is the above revised schedule acceptable?


> 2. Do you have any comments on N1838?

No, except that I agree with Malcolm's (4).  Sorry but I didn't have time
to read the draft TR itself, and couldn't follow most of the discussion.

On 2010/12/06 19:31, Malcolm Cohen wrote:
> (4) In the past we have always required the TR to give actual edits to
> the standard to implement the extension.  That could well be necessary
> this time around to get the required clarity as to which provisions/rules
> of F2008 will continue to apply and which ones will not.

Hope this helps.  -- Makki

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