(j3.2006) (SC22WG5.4374) WG5 informal ballot re Interop. TR

John Reid John.Reid
Mon Dec 6 11:38:59 EST 2010

Rasmussen, Craig wrote:
>> May I remind everyone that the ballot has 24 hours to run? If you have
>> objections, please say now so that they can be addressed now rather than in
>> haste just before the meeting.
> I have assumed in my response that the only specific item we are
> balloting is the schedule.  Is the plan to have a specific ballot on
> other issues?

This is just an informal ballot. I am trying to make sure that the change of 
schedule is acceptable (the old schedule was approved in a WG5 meeting 
resolution) and expose WG5 objections to the current draft in the hope of doing 
J3 work on them before the Feb meeting of J3.

> Will we be discussing and balloting papers as they come in before the meeting?

It will be an ordinary J3 meeting with its usual procedures.



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