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On 11/30/2010 10:11 PM, Malcolm Cohen wrote:
>>  E) Re UTI 1: I do not like "unlimited polymorphic", and in fact
>>  strongly prefer that it me made very clear assumed type has nothing to
>>  do with unlimited polymorphic. But the standardese may need some more
>>  work than I have time for.
>  But it *is* unlimited polymorphic.
Well, sure, since you have defined it. Perhaps that definition was fine
when we only had CLASS(*). I am proposing that it ought to be changed
now to *only* include CLASS(*), and TYPE(*) be separate. Polymorphic
should mean an object that can have different dynamic types.
Assumed-type objects should be classified as having no type. It is
different from "has a type that I do not know at compile time". I know
it requires more work to invent this new kind of untyped objected, but I
think it is important,

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