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> Subject: [Chairs] INCITS Executive Board Responses to TC Chairmen  
> Concerns Identified During the 2009 INCITS Symposium - Action Item  
> a09.109
> TC Chairmen ?
> Attached are the INCITS Executive Board responses to the TC Chair  
> concerns identified during the 2009 INCITS Symposium.
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> INCITS Technical Committee Chairmen
> INCITS Executive Board Members
> Subject:
> INCITS Executive Board Responses to TC Chairmen Concerns Identified  
> During the 2009 INCITS Symposium - Action Item a09.109
> At the July 2009 INCITS Executive Board meeting, the EB Chairman  
> (Mr. Wright) reviewed the report and recommendations from the April  
> 2009 INCITS Leadership Retreat.  Concerns raised by TC Chairmen  
> during the 2009 INCITS Symposium and the proposed EB responses  
> developed during the Leadership Retreat were addressed:
> o    Increased fees impacted membership (B10 and PL22)
> EB Response:  The EB notes that the increase was initiated in 2008.   
> There is not enough experience to assess the impact of the increase  
> (PL22 membership is actually up year-on-year and B10 consolidated  
> its TGs and lost one member).  The EB will continue to monitor the  
> impact of the fee increase.
> o    Eagerly awaiting ICMS/ICMS enhancements (H3, L1, L3, M1 and V1)
> EB Response:  No action.
> o    Promotion of INCITS and its TCs and SGs (B11, L8, M1, T13 and  
> SG on Accessibility)
> o    Help recruiting new members (CS1, H3, L8, PL22.x and V2)
> EB Response:  Multiple attempts to hire dedicated marketing and  
> communications staff have not been successful.
> o    Make sure the INCITS and JTC 1 web sites are accessible (SG on  
> Accessibility)
> EB Response:  Kavi has confirmed that ICMS is accessible and WCAG  
> compliant.  The JTC 1 SWG on Accessibility has representation on the  
> JTC 1 Ad Hoc on Website Improvements.
> o    Minimum membership for a TC (B11)
> EB Response:  The EB believes that a minimum of four voting members  
> is required to demonstrate critical mass and enable meaningful  
> discussion.  The EB will instruct its TCs to hold a minimum of two  
> meetings a year to provide the opportunity for new members to attain  
> voting rights.
> o    Free access to TC's documents (B11 and H2)
> EB Response:  FoC and the public access model may address this issue.
> o    Keep the TCs in the loop especially on process/procedure  
> changes (T10)
> EB Response:  The EB requests that the PBC invite TC Chairs to  
> provide input on proposed policy and procedural changes deemed to  
> impact TC operations in advance of EB ballots on the proposed changes.
> o    Assistance with web hosting, databases and e-mail reflectors  
> (T11)
> EB Response:  ICMS will provide these services.
> o    Need help with meeting planning for international meetings (L3)
> EB Response:  As noted in the response to the 2008 Symposium issues,  
> INCITS does not provide funding for hosting of INCITS TC or SC and  
> WG meetings or for hiring of meeting planners; however, TC officers  
> are invited to submit the names and contact information for  
> recommended meeting planners to be compiled into a list for use by  
> INCITS committees.
> o    Companies getting access at the international level via  
> liaisons instead of through INCITS (L3)
> EB Response:  As indicated in the response to the 2008 INCITS/L3  
> annual report, the issue is understood and a solution is uncertain.   
> There is a new process where NBs have the opportunity for advance  
> review/recommendation on liaison requests and the US is monitoring  
> this process.
> o    Increase automation support especially by allowing members of  
> the committee to handle routine updates
> EB Response:  ICMS will address this need.
> o    Formats/Templates/Automated aids for paper ballots, agendas,  
> HoD reports, annual reports, etc. (V36)
> EB Response:  The INCITS Secretariat is working on pulling together  
> these templates.  In the interim, these materials can be provided by  
> request to the INCITS Secretariat.
> o    INCITS sponsored teleconferencing (V1)
> EB Response:  The INCITS Secretariat will investigate low-cost  
> teleconference options to determine the feasibility of providing  
> free teleconference bridges for TC meetings.
> o    Balloting system that would make TC voting more of a public  
> process (V1)
> EB Response:  Members are able to make their own votes/positions  
> known to others at any time but the balloting system is not open.
> o    Public mailing lists to solicit broader responses on pending  
> uses (V1)
> EB Response:  TC Chairs can request a call for comments on a draft  
> standard document that correlates to an INCITS standards project at  
> any point in the process - announcement in ANSIStandards Action -  
> with comments to be submitted to the Chair (or other identified  
> person).  JTC 1 rules on document access must be followed.
> o    H2/L8 merger assistance and flexibility (H2)
> EB Response:  The EB agreed to an effective date of July 1, 2009 for  
> the INCITS H2/L8 merger in order to meet the needs of the group.  
> DM32 is the new SC 32 TAG - H2 is now DM32.2 and L8 is now DM32.8.
> o    Increased maintenance activity is taking too many resources (H3)
> EB Response:  The EB appreciates and encourages INCITS/H3's efforts  
> to use stabilization as a maintenance mechanism.
> Action Item (a09.109):  The INCITS Secretariat will distribute the  
> EB responses to the TC Chair concerns identified during the 2009  
> INCITS Symposium.


Dan Nagle

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