(j3.2006) does move_alloc violate restrictions in

Van Snyder Van.Snyder
Wed Oct 28 14:37:11 EDT 2009

On Wed, 2009-10-28 at 10:08 -0700, Jim Xia wrote:
> > I am sure some problem happens in the internals of the IBM compiler
> but 
> > this does not appear to be a problem of the standard. The
> intrinsics 
> > follow special rules. 
> Are intrinsics exempt from the general rules of the standard?  The
> question I raised here is not about one particular implementation, it
> is about if the standard is consistent in what rules should follow.  I
> think there hasn't been any convincing argument that my view is
> false.  That is, an allocatable variable has to be associated with
> both FROM and TO at some point during the execution of the
> MOVE_ALLOC.  Is this allowed by rules in 

Kurt answered this question yesterday.  MOVE_ALLOC (at least as
described in the standard, independently of how IBM implements it)
performs all of its actions by way of its dummy arguments, not by host
association, not by use association, not by storage association, not by
construct association.

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