(j3.2006) Interface body question

Bill Long longb
Fri Oct 23 23:56:58 EDT 2009

Van Snyder wrote:
> [09-007r3:281:29-31] says
>         An interface body specifies all of the characteristics of the
>         explicit specific interface or abstract interface. The
>         specifiation part of an interface body may specify attributes or
>         define values for data entities that do not determine
>         characteristics of the procedure. Such specifications have no
>         effect.

I assume the intent is "have no effect on the characteristics of the 

> This has been around forever.
> All the compilers I met rejected the following sort of thing
>   interface
>     subroutine sub ( A )
>       real :: A
>       integer :: J, I(J)

I bet that if you replace the statement above with:

          in%#**$)@ :: hwon*((]]]]

you will get a compile error as well. Might be legal TECO (I'm not 
sure), but as a Fortran statement it fails to conform.

I think we also require that statements in dead code regions still be 
valid statements, even though they have no effect on execution of the 


>       character(*) :: C
>     end subroutine sub
>   end interface
> because a statement is missing
>       parameter ( J=3, C="xyz" )
> Must the declarations that have no effect satisfy the constraints that
> would be relevant if they were to have an effect?

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