(j3.2006) Interface body question

Van Snyder Van.Snyder
Fri Oct 23 21:38:49 EDT 2009

[09-007r3:281:29-31] says

        An interface body specifies all of the characteristics of the
        explicit specific interface or abstract interface. The
        specifiation part of an interface body may specify attributes or
        define values for data entities that do not determine
        characteristics of the procedure. Such specifications have no

This has been around forever.

All the compilers I met rejected the following sort of thing

    subroutine sub ( A )
      real :: A
      integer :: J, I(J)
      character(*) :: C
    end subroutine sub
  end interface

because a statement is missing
      parameter ( J=3, C="xyz" )

Must the declarations that have no effect satisfy the constraints that
would be relevant if they were to have an effect?

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