(j3.2006) are selectors allowed to be procedures ?

Jim Xia jimxia
Fri Oct 23 10:52:31 EDT 2009

j3-bounces at j3-fortran.org wrote on 10/23/2009 10:19:27 AM:

> All of this discussion is about a Fortran 2003 feature. This particular 
> section does appear to be half-baked (allowing, at least literally, some 

> forms of procedure and not others).  If you mean but 'not ready' that 
> the door for features/edits in f2013 is not open, then I agree.  If you 
> mean that there is a technical problem with implementing the current 
> half-baked rule in a compiler, I don't see why that is the case. 

What I meant was this seemed to be a candidate feature for the next 
standard, or F2013 as you coined it.  There shouldn't be much of 
implementation hurdle once all the language semantics are sorted out. 
After all, compilers have dealt with the data selectors.  It's more of an 
issue of standardizing the feature so everyone agrees with the semantics.

> I'd be less happy with this, but if anything it is an F03 interp issue. 
> It might be possible to complete the baking as interp edits, rather than 

> having to wait for a 2013 feature.

This appears too big a change to F03, plus the door to interps to F03 has 
closed, right?


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