(j3.2006) J3/09-292 - J3 Fortran interp letter ballot #19 - due 19-Oct-2009

Jim Xia jimxia
Thu Oct 15 10:55:25 EDT 2009

The following Fortran interpretations are being balloted:

Yes  No   Number     Title

-Y-  ---  F95/0098   Are dummy functions returning assumed-length
                      character legal?
-Y-  ---  F03/0022   Coexistence of IEEE and non-IEEE kinds
-Y-  ---  F03/0024   DEALLOCATE and array pointers
-Y-  ---  F03/0034   IEEE_LOGB()
-Y-  ---  F03/0039   HYPOT()
-Y-  ---  F03/0078   IEEE_SUPPORT_DATATYPE vs. mathematical equivalence
-C-  ---  F03/0090   Polymorphic array constructors
-Y-  ---  F03/0130   Elemental specific intrinsic procedure
-Y-  ---  F03/0131   SAVE attribute and EQUIVALENCE
-Y-  ---  F03/0132   Unformatted i/o and private components
-C-  ---  F03/0133   Is unlimited polymorphic allowed in COMMON?
-Y-  ---  F03/0134   Implicit typing of procedure pointers
-Y-  ---  F03/0135   Interaction between RESULT, recursion, and host
-C-  ---  F03/0136   Are subroutines distinguishable from arrays?
-Y-  ---  F03/0137   Dummy procedure type compatibility
-Y-  ---  F03/0138   External <procedure-name> as <proc-target>

The text of these interpretations is attached.  Each interpretation
starts with a row of "-"s.

Please mark the above -Y- in the Yes column for "yes", -C- in the Yes
column for "yes with comment", or -N- in the No column for a "no"
answer {be sure to include your reasons with "no"} and send only the
above text {not this entire mail message} with any comments to

        j3 at j3-fortran.org

Comment on F03/090

I believe an array constructor that returns a polymorphic data type could 
a useful feature to general Fortran users.  It is a very convinent way to 
an arbitrary number of entities (of any shapes) into a rank one array.

It would be much more difficult to achieve the same effect following the 
suggested method of using allocatable array functions because one can not 
a general function to accept arbitrary number of dummy arguments of 

There are also no technical difficulties to specify or implement this 
All required is a rule that all entities within an array constructor 
should have
the same declared type and dynamic type.
Comment on F03/0133

We should also prohibit the unlimited polymorphic pointers in BLOCK DATA.
Comment on F03/0136

There seems an error in the 2nd example in that "Subroutine aprint(af)" 
should be
declared as "Subroutine aprint(af,n)".


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